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Problems with BL20p ILO refresh

Craig Jackson_3
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Problems with BL20p ILO refresh

I've got a bunch of blades, managed through ILOs (among other means). I'm using JDK 1.5 under Windows 2000. I've noticed this on all recently firmware -- 1.70 and 1.75 most notably.

I've noticed a problem where sometimes the remote console screen will not update correctly unless you force an expose event. If it gets into this state, the "refresh" button doesn't seem to have any effect. But using the scroll bar to move the current screen completely out of sight and then back again will cause a refresh, as well minimizing and restoring the window.

If this happens when the underlying console is in text mode, some times there will be scattered underscore characters on the screen. When the underlying console is in graphics mode, it just looks like it's not refreshing. (I can't see any other distinguishing marks other than the no-longer-up-to-date screen.)

Craig Jackson