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Re: Prompt to download JVM

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Prompt to download JVM

When choosing the Virtual Media option under the virtual devices tab, I am prompted to download a JVM. When I click the link, it takes me to the HP site, but what steps are necessary from this point to install JVM over the iLO?


pratap m keshava
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Re: Prompt to download JVM

You can click on the "Connect to sun microsystem site to download JVM" link OR You can directly download the Java runtime environment(JRE) from the website. JRE's are available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
Select the appropriate JRE form the site and install it on the system (for windows .exe and for Linux rpm's are available).
In case of Linux you have to link the JRE folder to the Plug-in folder of the Browser (Mozilla or Netscape).

For windows you install the JRE and restart the browser.

Installing Java Plugin on Mozilla for Linux

After you have installed JRE, then you must install the plugin by creating a symbolic link from the java plugin library to the mozilla plugins directory:

cd where-ever-you-installed-mozilla
cd plugins

# If your system has GCC 3.2 (RedHat 8 or 9) do:
ln -s path-to-java/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/ .

# Otherwise:
ln -s path-to-java/plugin/i386/ns610/ .