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Re: Purple Screen of Death + ILO2 License

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Purple Screen of Death + ILO2 License

I have inherited a ProLiant ml350 g6. It was being decomissioned by my company, and instead of e-waste recycling a perfectly good server, the kind admins allowed me to "e-waste" it right into the trunk of my car. I've wiped the operating system, upgraded the onboard CPUs, and installed the latest version of ESX 6.5 on the host, but have two different issues:

First, When I try to run a guest VM with a GUI, The server crashes with a purple screen of death. It doesn't matter if it's Windows XP, Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux. Whenever the operating system tries to enable a high-res GUI, the whole appliance crashes. There don't seem to be drivers or anything that are missing, so I don't know what to do. Perhaps it wasn't a perfectly good server and the video card is shot, but I don't know how to test this. Can I add a new video card.

Second, when I got the server, ILO2 was functional with a valid license and bound to a specific IP Address. I downloaded the latest ILO2 firmware and flashed (because I wanted to all the software to be fully up to date), but when I did, it deleted the ILO2 license. I can still connect to the port and do some stuff, but the licensed features that used to work do not work anymore. Is there a way to retrieve the license that was installed on the machine by providing the service tag? I would really like to take advantage of the licensed ILO2 functionality.



Re: Purple Screen of Death + ILO2 License

Hi Topher,

For ML350 G6 server, it is not shown in compatibility list with VMware ESXi 6.5.

Please refer

Also refer

The driver download list does not have VMware ESXi 6.5 in the list of ML350 G6 server.

We would recommend to install the certified OS version of VMware on the server.

If issue still occurs and if you have server still has support contract, please log a support ticket with HPE.


Secondly, there is no way to recover the lost iLO License Key. In case if you have backup of it, you can restore it.

The best option is to contact the admin who allowed e-waste directly into your car trunk to share the license key if he has stored it in company database.

The last option would be to contact the HPE Licensing group and see if they could help. Unless you have an Entitlement Order Number (EON) or an HPE Sales Order number, it may be challenging but still worth a shot.


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