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Qlogic Bios requirement 2.15

Occasional Contributor

Qlogic Bios requirement 2.15

Hope to seek help to locate the linux version (CPXXXX.scexe) version that can achieve bios 2.15. I hope to flash via Firmware maintence usb drive which is more convenience. The latest maintainence cd 9.00 only flash Qlogic QMH 2562 to bios 2.12. Can anyone help on this? Thanks.
Lawrance Lee_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Qlogic Bios requirement 2.15

You can either get the BIOS 2.15 from the Firmware Maintenance DVD 9.20B which can be downloaded from here: - youâ ll need to click on the downloads link.

Or alternatively, this is the direct link to the file that you need:

The file is cp013139.scexe

Hope this helps.