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REMOTE PCI whith no F8 configuration


REMOTE PCI whith no F8 configuration

Hi everybody,

I've got an 136344-001 Remote Insight PCI Board loaded in a PL1600.

At start up I haven't got any F8 configuration command. I can set up this board only whith F10 or Smart Start CD.
The board is responding well but I can't log on remote console. I've got the message "Monitored Server Console Is In Graphics Mode".
Think it's a licence problem (??)

The trick is that whith a new board (same part number) I have got the F8 configuration menu and no problem logging on console.

I try updating the insight firmware (the one on the board is V1.07 09/17/1999) but didn't find any file.....

If someone has an idea or link, thanks....