Ash Keval
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I have a ML530 G1 and I have copied the RIB.CPL and RIB.HLP to Winnt/system32 folder.
But I can't get any information in the Remote Insight Setup icon in the control panel.The icon is there, but no info in it. I have stopped and started all the necessary services.
Thanks for your time.
David Claypool
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RIB.CPL went end of life along with the old RIB/PCI board in 1998. It has never been supported for iLO or RILOE/II.

Local configuration access is supported by a new tool called HPONCFG which uses the same syntax as the over-the-network scripts.

Richard Coons
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This utility requires the following minimum firmware revisions:

Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II firmware 1.13 or later.

Integrated Lights-Out firmware version 1.41 or later
This utility does not operate with the Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition (RILOE I). The management interface driver and management agents must be installed on the server.

So does the CPL file work for the RILOE I accordning to your link this tool wont work with RILOE I.
Stoecklin Michel
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RIB.CPL, RIB.HLP is only for RIB I, and HPONCFG is for iLO and RIB II.

Under MS/DOS, you can also use CPQLODOS to put some default settings on RIB I, RIB II and iLO. I use this tool with a XML file to configure some default settings on RIB I and RIB II board, but it work also for iLO.

Under Windows, you can easily access and change your RIB I settings using your web browser.