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RIB IP's for a few hundred servers

Sal Khan_1
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RIB IP's for a few hundred servers

Hi folks,

I am looking for a tool/script to get RIB IP's for 800+ servers. The servers vary from dl380 G1-G4 with RIB/ILO, etc....

Any help is appreciated.

Sal Khan
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Re: RIB IP's for a few hundred servers

Here are a few tactics to consider:

1) HP Systems Insight Manager supports a network-based discovery method for discovering lights-out processors.

2) use the HP Lights-Out Directory migration utility. This, like HPSIM, supports a step including a discovery mechanism as well as an export mechanism, and you can use it for just this step.

3) Use scripts that run from each server, using the HPONCFG utility. You would have to run this script on each host, and collect the results elsewhere.

4) Consult your DHCP servers. The default domain names for the management processors identifies them as well.
C. Beerse_1
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Re: RIB IP's for a few hundred servers

There are even more ways if you can break into your dhcp/dns system:

The rib and ilo boards default to use a name starting with "rib" or "ilo". Use that to scan trough the dhcp/dns data.

I can imagine (this is a wild guess) the rib and ilo boards use their own mac-address subrange. You might be able to use that to map to the ip-addresse using dhcp or arp/rarp.
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