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RILO board p/n 227925-001

E Evans

RILO board p/n 227925-001

Hi we have this board which has a set of 4 dip switches on it can anyone tell me what they are for and there settings

Ken Henault
Honored Contributor

Re: RILO board p/n 227925-001

I don't have the purpose for each of these switches, but they are all supposed to be off for normal operation.

"A properly functioning Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition will have a small flashing LED. A small number of Remote Insight Boards have an improperly positioned SW-3 switch. An improperly switched board will have the flashing light but have no video or Graphical Remote Console. The component is located near the back of the board and has four red switches and "SW3" printed below. All the small red switches should be in the OFF position (closest to the number). If you are experiencing full functionality with the exception of video and Graphical Remote Console, try correcting this first."

Does this help?
Ken Henault
Infrastructure Architect