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RILOE - 2.51 Firmware - NVRAM Failed Status

Gregory J. Weatherford
Occasional Contributor

RILOE - 2.51 Firmware - NVRAM Failed Status

After upgrading the Firmware to version 2.51 on multiple RILOE boards, they all show with NVRAM Read/Write/Verify status of Failed under Self Test Results.

The RILOE boards seem to be completely functional so is this truly a problem or just an anomaly?
Junior Yharte
Trusted Contributor

Re: RILOE - 2.51 Firmware - NVRAM Failed Status

Well there are two places you can get these results from, one is the status page on the RILOE web page and in Insight Manager. From the way you describe it in your question I will assume that you are seeing this error in Insight manager. If that is the case, make sure you have the latest agents loaded. If the web page is displaying the error, then the board should not work. There is a catch here, if any of the 4 items listed in the web page were to fail, then you would have no access to the you should never see anything but "passed" for those items. Now the agents might display something different, in that case what version of the agents do you have, what version of Insight Manager, and what OS are the agents running on? This will help us narrow down the cause if the latest agents don't fix it for you.
Russell Humphreys
Occasional Contributor

Re: RILOE - 2.51 Firmware - NVRAM Failed Status

I have had this same thing happen to me a few times. What I needed to do to correct the "Failed" message was restart the RILO (I used the Web agents for the server) After the restart the status showed Passed.

(Simply restarting the server did not do the trick)
Dan Robinson_4
Regular Advisor

Re: RILOE - 2.51 Firmware - NVRAM Failed Status

Junior, working in the computer business you should know better. There is what is supposed to happen, and that DOES happen.

I upgraded a host of machines RILOE to 2.53 recently and when I rebooted the entire server (Weekly reboot on a Citrix Farm) I had 5 machines all report to me their NVRAM failed. (The error was bounced off a Tivoli agent to me).

I logged into the RILOE via the web page successfully and then clicked Status on the left Menu column. I am staring at the screen right now
POST Diagnostics Results
NVRAM Test: Failed
Internal UART Test: Passed
NIC Test: Passed
Keyboard Test: Passed

Care to explain why its failed yet I logged into it?

PS: This happened on approx 5 machines, but I upgraded 15 360 G1s all with RILOEs and all to 2.53. So not ALL of my upgraded RILOEs failed. These machines all received the latest 360 G1 BIOS and the 7.10A SS Driver Suite the same day as their RILOE ROM upgrade.
Cal Olson
Occasional Visitor

Re: RILOE - 2.51 Firmware - NVRAM Failed Status


I have had the same issue with Riloe 1 after being upgraded to firmware 2.53. What has fixed it for me is a Reset of the Riloe board. Through Insight Manager select the server and go into the agents. Then click on Remote Insight. Under General Information you will see Reset Remote Insight. Click on Reset Remote Insight. I've done this to about six servers and it has cleared the error on all six. This is a work around. A flash of the Riloe ROM shouldn't cause an error! HP do you have a fix on the way for this?
Honored Contributor

Re: RILOE - 2.51 Firmware - NVRAM Failed Status

The RILOE NVRAM failure occurs one time following upgrade to firmware that supports Directory Integration.

This is because the non-volatile data needs to be "re-swizzled" to make room for the directory configuration settings.

Following the update, allow RILOE to boot, and then reset RILOE. This will clear the error.

If the error does not clear following reset, then a different failure may occurring.
Frequent Advisor

Re: RILOE - 2.51 Firmware - NVRAM Failed Status

I have seen this multiple times as well, and reapplying the firmware was the only way to get rid of it for me. I no longer have those issues, but it did seem to be around the time of the upgrades for directory support, but it still happens from time to time. I just repush the firmware and all is well.
Honored Contributor

Re: RILOE - 2.51 Firmware - NVRAM Failed Status

Re-flashing the firmware to the latest revision clears the self-test diagnostic code because it causes a firmware reset.

An alternative is to use the Network Settings page and hit Apply. This also has the consequence of resetting the firmware, and is is easier than re-flashing.