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RILOE Directory Support cannot create HP Role

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RILOE Directory Support cannot create HP Role

OS: Windows Server 2003
Operator: Administrator

I have a hard time to create a "HP Role" as mentioned in "Integrating HP ProLiant Lights-Out processors with Microsoft Active Directory" document.

Everything was smoothly until creating HP Role. In page 8, it says "Using the AD Users and Computers MMC snap-in, create an Organization Unit (as shown in Figure 10) and two new HP Roles objects within this unit."

In the AD MMC, I tried to right-click, and it has computer, contact, group, user, ...etc, but no HP Role can be found. Is there anyone can give me a clue? Thanks.
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Re: RILOE Directory Support cannot create HP Role

It your MMC console an English installation? The snap-in is English only and also only appears when MMC is in English.

Language compatibility issues with the snap-in are discussed in this thread:

Some workarounds in that case are described here:
>>I put an English Windows 2000 Server in the German Server Domain
>>with the HP Schema Extender. Then I installed the HP Snap-In
>>Installer on this Server and it works.
>>Now I'm sure that the Schema Extender works, but the Snap-In
>>Installer does not work with the German operating system.

And here:
>>the same operation worked from another server which happened
>>to be a domain controller

If you solve this issue, please let us know.
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Re: RILOE Directory Support cannot create HP Role

Thank you so much, it does solve my problem. It works perfectly when I used an English version OS to run the installation of HP Directory tools.