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RILOE I IP address

Ang Shek Kee
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RILOE I IP address

hi, any one know any tools to get the RILOE IP address installed in a server.

I m doing a script for this but getting the error -cpqlocfg: ERROR: SIO_connect:reason(10061) when using the cpqlocfg.exe to get the info.

hope someone who know about this can give me a help.

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Re: RILOE I IP address


you need

HPONCFG is a Command Line Utility.
Invoke the HPONCFG configuration utility from the command line, using the Windows â cmd.exeâ (available from START->Run->cmd). HPONCFG will display the usage information if it is executed without any command line parameters.

command on CMD to get the ip and other information

HPONCFG /w config.xml

where config.xml can a txt file if you want
using that command you're going to get RILOE settings

try to have the latest RILOE firmware

link to get it

check more info on txt file in the file you download

I hope this can help you
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Re: RILOE I IP address


let's see if you have RILOE I

I think that does not work
This utility does not operate with the Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition (RILOE I).

so check this this supports RILOE I

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Ang Shek Kee
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Re: RILOE I IP address

Hi Karlo,

Thanks for your reply.

I tried the link you provided but it didn't work for RILOE I.

Before I can upgrade the firmware I need to check for the version for the card installed. So that is the main issue for me.
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Re: RILOE I IP address

Probably the fastest way to do that is to set the network address in the RILOE option ROM during POST.
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Re: RILOE I IP address

Here is what you need to do:

1. Restart or power up the server.
2. When the cursor flashes at the top right corner of the screen, press F10
to enter the System Configuration Utility.
3. Select System Configuration Configure Hardware Review or modify
hardware settings View or edit details and locate the Compaq Remote
Insight Board section in the list of boards.
4. Fill in the parameter values you identified in Table 3-1.

5. After you have entered the information from Table 3-1, press F10 until
you reach the Steps in configuring your computer menu.
6. Highlight the Save and Exit option and press Enter.

Please look at table 3-1 in page 42 in this link

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