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RILOE II - Firmware 1.11

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RILOE II - Firmware 1.11

I have just had a new riloe ii card fitted in a server. It was on firmware version 1.03. I have upgraded it to the latest version (1.11) from the HP website and the card reported a NVRAM Write/Read/Verify self test failure in Insight Manager (card status reports as degraded). I have since downgraded the firmware to 1.10 and the card now reports okay. Howenver I have other machines which are exactly the same configuration running the 1.11 firmware. Has anyone else had this problem??
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Re: RILOE II - Firmware 1.11


We had this problem on a training course last week, but with firmware version 1.10. Out of 11 machines, 10 upgraded OK and 1 failed with this error.

We shutdown the server and removed all of the external power (from the RILOE II & from the servers PSU's.)

Rebooted after a minute (without the RILOE II power connected), server came up OK and we checked the RILOE II for errors (there were none), so we switched the RILOE II's external power back on.

The RILOE II functioned OK after this â hiccupâ and there were no errors on subsequent reboots.

By the way - how did you deploy the firmware upgrade? Ours was via the ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP).

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Re: RILOE II - Firmware 1.11


Once you see the NVRAM failures after upgrading firmware, do a reset to the RILOE II and see if the failure still appears.

A few weeks ago I experienced something similar upgrading the firmware version of a RILOE ( 2.42 to 2.51 if memory serves my correctly ). Maybe the solution is the same for you.

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Re: RILOE II - Firmware 1.11

Resetting RILOE might take care of the problem, to avoid seeing this again in the future upgrade the driver. This usually happens when you upgrade the F/W but the driver is an older version. What happens is that the board reset after the F/W upgrade but the older drivers do not know what happened so all they can do is report a self test/interface error to the agents.