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RILOE II Password

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RILOE II Password

Hi to all!
i cant loging in a RILOE II.. ít seems like the Admin password just desapire :-)... the problem is that we don´t have the default password (this little paper that is coming with the server)i just wonder if some one has a work arround for this ???
thanks for he
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Re: RILOE II Password

Only from a console and a reboot of the Server I think.
F8 at the prompt for Lights Out configuration and you should be able to add or modify accounts from there.
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Re: RILOE II Password

ok i will trie on saturday, is the only chance that i have to reebot the server. thanks a lot
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Re: RILOE II Password

There is no way to extract the default administrator password, but you can install a new one, or create a new user account. There are two methods to do this.

Method 1: use RBSU as Rob suggested in the previous post. The downside to this approach is that you have to down the server.

Method 2: use HPONCFG. This utility runs on the managed host and takes RIBCL (XML) scripts and blasts them down to the RILOE in the host. It does NOT require an OS reboot, but it does require access to the host OS.

HPONCFG is the HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Windows (or Linux)

You can get it here:
Click Software & Drivers
Pick RILOE II and your OS and hit Locate

You will also need the Lights Out driver installed first. You can get it from the same download page.

Finally, there are some Lights-Out XML scripting examples available on the same page. These will give you a quick start with some usable scripts for the utility.