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RILOE II and Schema Free Authentication

Rob Buxton
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RILOE II and Schema Free Authentication

I've updated a couple of our RILOE II's to f/w 1.20. This is supposed to support Schema Free Authentication but I cannot get it to work.

We already use Schema Free Auth for our ILO's so I thought I understood how to set it up.

Everytime I try and test the setup I get an "Invalid Credentials" response. But on an ILO with the same setup it works fine.

Are there any differences between ILO and RILOE that I need to be aware of?

There doesn't seem to be an "Allow Local Accounts" button on the RILOE set up either - does this mean no local accounts are accessible once Schema Free authentication is enabled?

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Re: RILOE II and Schema Free Authentication

What is the format of the login name you
are trying to use.
Is it
1.short name
Ex : sriv s
2.Distinguished name
Ex : CN=sriv s,CN=Users,DC=mycompu,DC=com format
Ex :

Please configure RILOE-II with the appropriate directory settings and Group
distinguished name.
Follow the steps below.

1.Logon to RILOE-II with the appropriate login and password.
2.Click Administration->Directory settings.
3.Configure "directory settings" with appropriate parameters as under
1.Directory Server address
Ex :
2.LDAP port as "636".
3.Fill in appropriate "Directory User Context 1
4.Click "Apply Settings" to save the directory settings.

5.Repeat "Step 2" to go back to directory
settings page.
4.Now click on "Administer Groups".
5.Select the appropriate group.
Ex : custom1
6.Fill in the Group distinguished name.
Ex : CN=newgroup,CN=Users,DC=mycompu,DC=com
NOTE : Please don't give any extra space.
7.Enable the appropriate access rights for this group.

8.Click on "Save Group Information" save the group settings.

Please ensure the following.
1.In windows Active directory setup
the same group(Ex:newgroup) exists.
2.User who tries to login to RILOE-II is
present in this group.

Please find the attached document which has
relevant screenshots for reference.

1.Local User Accounts Enable/Disable option
is available only for DIRECTORY USER.
(when DIRECTORY USER logs in)
2.Local User Accounts Enable/Disable option
is not available for LOCAL USER.
(when DIRECTORY USER logs in)

Rob Buxton
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Re: RILOE II and Schema Free Authentication

Many thanks, I'd forgotten to set up the Administrator Groups Access part.