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RILOEII in a ML350

Wes Queen
Occasional Contributor

RILOEII in a ML350

Tried installing the RILOEII board in a ML350 server as follows:

- Installed the board in a correct PCI slot
- Used the 4-pin virtual power button cable
- Disabled video on the server feature board
- Connected the monitor to the RILOE
- Connected KB/Mouse to RILOE via Y-cable
- Connected AC adpater to RILOE

On boot-up the BIOS gave a KB error 301 so I checked all cables but couldn't clear the error. I moved the KB/mouse connections back to the motherboard and the KB error wasn't displayed on boot-up. Using F8 I could access the RILOE setup but F10 would not work for saving changes. Using the default administrator password I could access the board via a browser but Of course I had no KB/mouse control!

Any ideas on the 301 error?