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Remote Console Hangs

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Remote Console Hangs

Have ml 370G4 using ILO advanced firmware 1.91, I have just recovered my exchange server which is running windows 2000 server sp4.

After the recovery I have rebooted the server, am able to see the POST of the server, then at the windows splash screen, the remote console hangs.

The server itself seems to boot fine, but there seems to be something hanging the Remote Console, this happens in Safe mode and vga mode as well. I have recovered 14 other servers with various flavours of OS and all of these seemed to have worked fine.

Any ideas.

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Re: Remote Console Hangs

Do you have iLO configured to automatically launch the Microsoft Terminal Services? When the iLO pass-thru driver loads, the remote console applet may be attempting to launch the terminal services client.

Check Administration/ Global Settings/ Passthrough Configuration