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Re: Remote Insight in readonly mode?

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Remote Insight in readonly mode?

DL360 last firmware uploaded on the Remote Insight, but if i try to connect in telnet or https, i can only VIEW what's happening, but no input is accepted: mouse, keyboard, or the "Ctrl-Alt-Del" button in web interface.

Why? My user is configured with
full provileges.

I'm using as client Win2k IE6 + JRE 1.3.1
and win2003 as server.
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Re: Remote Insight in readonly mode?

Which RIB board do you have and which DL360? The original 360 only had a supported connector for the RILOE board, where the G2 and G3 have the 30 pin connector for RILOE-II. If you are not connecting an internal cable then you need to use the "Y" keyboard/mouse cable that came with the board. If you are connecting the RIB internally, do not use the "y" cable. Let me know if you still have problems.