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Remotely Upgarde RILOE I Firmware Remotely via a Script?

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Darren Z
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Remotely Upgarde RILOE I Firmware Remotely via a Script?

Is it possible to upgrade RILOE I firmware remotely using a script. I know about CPQLOCFG.EXE, and I have an example script file for upgrading firmware, but I am receiving errors. Will CPQLOCFG.EXE work on a RILOE I with firmware earlier then version 2.5? If not, any alternatives. I have about 400 to update and I am not doing it manually.
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Re: Remotely Upgarde RILOE I Firmware Remotely via a Script?

This situation is not the prettiest, but there is a process described below that addresses it.

1) Get a list of all the account credentials (username/password).
2) Push out the RILOE firmware update.

Step 1: credentials list
You will need this information for each RILOE node. A minimum of username/password is needed for each node. If you have the IP or DNS addresses, this helps. You will use this data to script the changes, so having it in a text file or spreadsheet is convenient.

Step 2: firmware version

Version Update Method(s)
>= 2.50 Browser, HPONCFG, CPQLOCFG
2.40-2.50 Browser, HPONCFG
2.20-2.40 Browser, *maybe CPQLOCFG*
<= 2.20 Browser

The latest RILOE firmware, 2.53 can be downloaded here:
The second diskette contains the firmware image.

The current lights-out configuration utility (CPQLOCFG) does not tolerate RILOE firmware < 2.50. This is because of a firmware bug that the utility does not tolerate. However, you can avoid this by using HPLOMIG.

There are two ways to perform bulk RILOE firmware updates over the network: HPLOMIG and CPQLOCFG. However, the latest CPQLOCFG will not tolerate the XML responses from older RILOE boards, so the HPLOMIG method is used. If a bulk method does not work, you must manually update the firmware using a browser.

Update using HPLOMIG:
HPLOMIG requires RILOE 2.40 or later. RILOE 2.20 or earlier must be updated manually (via browser or other method of your preference).

The current 1.14a HPLOMIG is available here:

The HPLOMIG utility supports discovery as well as bulk firmware update. You can skip the discovery process, too. Since all of the existing RILOEs have different passwords, you should import them from a file.

The import file is a text file that contains a single line for each lights-out processor, like this example:;iLO;1.64;ILO0230KJN20040;Administrator;password;iLO;1.64;ILO0230KJN20041;Administrator;otherpassword

If you have a RILOE with older firmware than 2.40, you may be able to script a firmware update using CPQLOCFG, although scripted updates are not supported on versions prior to 2.20. These must be updated manually (via the browser).

HPLOMIG documentation is here:

You are not required to follow all of the directory migration steps in order to simply use the discovery and firmware upgrade feature of the utility.

Use HPLOMIG steps 1 (discovery) and 2 (update) to apply the latest RILOE firmware that you have extracted from the softpaq.

NVRAM Self-Test Note: A RILOE NVRAM self-test error may show up following upgrades from older firmware to recent firmware. This is nothing to be concerned about, and will disappear the next time RILOE resets.
Darren Z
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Re: Remotely Upgarde RILOE I Firmware Remotely via a Script?

Just an excellent response. Thanks soooo much!