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Rename Integrated Lights Out iLo Server Name.

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Robert Walker_8
Valued Contributor

Rename Integrated Lights Out iLo Server Name.


We have some DL380 system running RHEL4 and wish to change the names on the ILO/RIB. Currently it says "Establishing a secure Integrated Lights Out session with TEST-5U4AIVZR3N" - we wish this to say "...with " etc.

I know this can be done by installing Insight Management Agents, however we experienced a number of installation problems in the past and at this time are hesitant to install it.

It would be good to change them as it appears to be not an option through the RIB.


Matthew J Warrick
Frequent Advisor

Re: Rename Integrated Lights Out iLo Server Name.

Login to the ILO via the web interface with an admin account using its IP address. The hostname can be user-defined and is found amongst the network configuration options.
"Did you get that memo?"
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Rename Integrated Lights Out iLo Server Name.

The only way that is populated is through the installation/use of the hprsm package.

Info explaining all of this is documented at
Honored Contributor

Re: Rename Integrated Lights Out iLo Server Name.

The host name can be set in iLO 2 on the network settings page. However, there is not an equivalent mechanism for iLO today.

Loading the management agents automatically populates the host name for iLO and iLO 2.