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Renaming iLO & iLO 2 subsystem name

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Renaming iLO & iLO 2 subsystem name



I am trying to rename iLO & iLO 2 subsystem name from GUI but it has been unsuccessfully and we use static IP's and DHCP is disabled.


Example:  current iLO subsystem name:  ilo-xyx

I am able to access iLO by current subsystem name (HTTPS://ilo-xyx) or current static IP (10.123.456.000)

Need to Change the iLO subsystem name to sever name-iLO Example:  Sever 123-456-789-iLO


I have changed subsystem name from iLO site (Administration - Settings - Network - iLO Subsystem Name,  but I am still unable to access HTTPS:// with new subsystem name it still resolves to old iLO subsystem name.


DCHCP:  Disabled

NIC:  Enabled

WINS Server Registration:  Enabled

DDNS Servers Registration:  Enabled


Multiple Severs 1 using (iLO 2 firmware - 2.09) & 2nd Sever using (iLO Advance firmware - 1.94)

Any Suggestions?