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Reset ILO Card Remotelly

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Danilo Fontes Pais
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Reset ILO Card Remotelly

Hi all,
someone know if I can reset the ILO configurations remotelly? (By line command or other type)The problem is that one person move the server to another LAN but he forget to configure a new IP address, and I would like to know if I can change the IP address without I need to go into this Branch to configure that card locally. Thanks!
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Re: Reset ILO Card Remotelly

You can address this from the host OS using the HPONCFG utility, "HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Windows 2000/Server 2003". (There is also support for Linux).

You can download the utility here:

Also get the XML scripting examples, you will need them for reference.

You can download the docs, "Integrated Lights-Out 1.70/1.75 Scripting and Command Line Resource Guide" here:

In the scripting examples, there is a script called "Mod_Network_Settings.xml" that shows how you can alter the network settings. You can configure the iLO to use either a DHCP-assigned IP address (and then attach using domain name), or a statically assigned address.