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Reset ILO Username/Password on 300+ ILO ports

Ryan Bess

Reset ILO Username/Password on 300+ ILO ports

We are about to setup ILo on all of our servers. We haven't utilized ILO in the past because we haven't had enough ports. But we are moving to a new datacenter which will allow us to utilize ILO.

All ILO ports will get a DHCP address that's on a private i'll know the ip range. My domain account is an admin on all 300 servers. What i want to do is plug all ILO ports in so they get the DHCP address then tell some utility to run some xml file on a range of IP adress.

I think i can use the cpqlocfg utility for this...any help would be appreciated.

Jimmy Vance

Re: Reset ILO Username/Password on 300+ ILO ports

This should help you out. It's a file full of example XML for iLO that can be used with CPQLOCFG, or the included perl script.

HP Lights-Out XML PERL Scripting Sample for Linux

It's not really Linux specific, it is just the latest reelase of the example files and includes the perl code. The XML will work fine with HPONCFG, or CPQLOCFG

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Ryan Bess

Re: Reset ILO Username/Password on 300+ ILO ports

the CPQLOCFG works only if you know an admin username/password on all the servers. You can utilize the Hponcfg locally on each machine if you don't know the Administrator password...this utility can reset it.

Was hoping to avoid going to each server and running the HPONCFG utility locally.

Anyone got any ideas how i can avoid this?
Ryan Bess

Re: Reset ILO Username/Password on 300+ ILO ports

Also, is there a way to not have the ILO ports dynamically register in DDNS as ilo'serverserialnumber'

What i want to do is to run a script agains the ILO ports taht will tell the ports to register as ilo'servername'. So whenever i want to go to the ILO port I don't have to log into SIM...all i need to do is know the server name and open a web browser and go

David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Reset ILO Username/Password on 300+ ILO ports

Assuming you have SSH set up and it trusts HP SIM, you can use HP SIM to distribute HPONCFG and your XML and then call it to execute.