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Reset PIN layout on ILO PCI card

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Reset PIN layout on ILO PCI card

Hi all

I have ILO card p/n 158731-001 (RILO I ?) that I'm about to put into a non-HP/non-Compaq box. It works just fine with external keyboard loopback. The only missing piece is the ability to cold reset the machine. Obviously I can't plug the virtual power button cable anywhere into my box and have to use the two pins that are normally used with case front panel reset button.

On the ILO card there is a number of standalone pins and I bet some of them are for reset. Unfortunately I don't have any documentation and couldn't find the pin layout on site either.

Could anyone help? Which pins can I use for reseting my machine?

Christian Tramnitz
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Re: Reset PIN layout on ILO PCI card

Just had the same problem and solved it!

Have a look here:

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