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Resetting RILOE II via System Mgmt

Robert Berrie_2
Occasional Contributor

Resetting RILOE II via System Mgmt

When I login to the Sys Mgmt page (https://servername:2381) and attempt to reset the RILOE II card, I receive the following error:
"HP Web Agent HTTP Post Error
An error occurred attempting a SNMP set request.
Invalid type of post request or parameters missing. "

The RILOE II lost communication with HPONCFG after setting the network parameters and I am attempting to re-establish communication with the card without rebooting.

HTTP Server v5.94.0
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Resetting RILOE II via System Mgmt

Make sure you have SNMP sets enabled in the Insight agent applet in Control Panel and that you have established a write community string in the SNMP service.