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RiloII Nat entry's

Ruud Boersma_1
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RiloII Nat entry's


I have two Proliants with an RiloII card inserted.
First server:
Second server:
Rem. Cons.-27

I have forwarded all TCP ports to there respective ILO card ip numbers. I can Telnet from the outside to both RC ports. I can connect to both websites and login.
RC funtions on the inside network.
When I want to RC from the outside network, than on one machine java applet does not start, on the other machine java applets starts runs and then stops immidiatly after. On the third machine (Which has a VPN to the inside network, where the RiloII cards reside. So no NAT entry that can mess up things) the java applet do not start (You see the java sun icon going round and round, till you get dizzy).
The Firewall/VPN device is a cisco PIX.
Latest Firmware on the RiloII cards is installed.
The server have the latest Hp Pack installed 7.40a.
Anyone who can help me out please.