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SHA-256 Cert support in ILO 2

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SHA-256 Cert support in ILO 2

Can anyone confirm that you can install and use SHA-2 / SHA-256 certificates on ILO 2?  The CSR creation page doesn't have that option, but that doesn't prevent you from getting one from a public or internal CA and trying to install it.  Thanks!

Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: SHA-256 Cert support in ILO 2

Yes, you can import into iLO2 a SSL Certificate that has been signed using SHA-2 algorithm.  The only restriction is the size of the signed Certificate.  iLO2 only has 3Kb available in the non-volatile RAM to store this certificate. 

About the CSR page in iLO2.  The algorithm used in the CSR has nothing to do with the one you're going to get on the signed SSL Certificate you want to import.  If you want SSL  Certificates that use SHA-256 for the signature then, the Certification Authority (CA) needs to be configured to issue Certificates using SHA-256.    


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