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SIM 7 and iLo

SIM 7 and iLo

Trying to get the MP in SIM 7 to show more than the question mark (?). Had everything set fine when it was CIM 4.x... just looking for the little secret to get a nice green check here.
Terry Auspitz
Frequent Advisor

Re: SIM 7 and iLo

I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you referring to Compaq Insight Manager 7 (CIM 7) HP Systems Insight Manager 4 (SIM 4)? There is no SIM 7 so I'm not sure tow hich product you are referring.


Re: SIM 7 and iLo

Yeah, sorry, SIM 4.1 upgraded from CIM 7.
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: SIM 7 and iLo

This information applies to Insight Manager 7 (all versions) and HP Systems Insight Manager (all versions).

First, you have to make sure that all of your iLOs have been discovered. Check the "All Management Processors" query or list to determine if you have all of them in the database.

When HP SIM or IM7 do a device identification with an iLO, it queries for an XML response from the iLO. Among other things, the serial number of the host server is retrieved. It is that information that is used to make the association. Device identification is automatically run when a device is newly discovered and by default a "Daily Device Identification" is run to incorporate any changes.

iLO has a "SNMP/Insight Manager Settings" page under the "Administration" tab. Best results are obtained when set to "high."

Problems can occur if a motherboard replacement has been made and the tech did not enter the system's serial number in RBSU, making the S/N blank, and thereby screwing up the association.

Re: SIM 7 and iLo

Well... it seems that with CIM you needed the SNMP community set to R/W... NOW you need to have it set to R/C.

Lot's of green now... Thanks!
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