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SMIF reset failed.......... (Firmware upgrade RILOE II 1.11)

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SMIF reset failed.......... (Firmware upgrade RILOE II 1.11)

Dear all,

This afternoon I failed to update firmware of RILOE II in Pro DL360 G2 to version 1.11. It was done with two floppies created from cp004047.exe. First the server booted to DOS with floppy 1. and asks for the second floppy. When it is loaded into the hostserver and starts loading the flash program, it states.

SMIF reset failed.... Please unplug power from board and set DR dip switch.

Does anyone have clue what goes wrong here?

David Claypool
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Re: SMIF reset failed.......... (Firmware upgrade RILOE II 1.11)

RILOE II is a fully functional computer in its own right with a processor, memory and a real-time OS. It operates independently of the host system. The two communicate with each other through a window that is called the SMIF.

You were using the host system to reprogram the firmware on the RILOE II and the way the host communicates with the board is through the SMIF window. It sounds like at the conclusion of the firmware update, the update program told the RILOE II to reset (again using the SMIF window to communicate) and it didn't get a positive response. The assumption from the error message is that if the firmware update failed somewhere along the way, the RILOE II has been left in a non-functional state.

The error is indicating that you should set the DR (disaster recovery) DIP switch. This is referring to using the "Force ROM Update" feature that can be found on page 139 of the User Guide:

Before you follow those instructions, it is possible that though the host wasn't able to assert reset through the SMIF that the board is functional. Attempt to connect to the board directly first through your web browser to see if it's functional.

It is also possible that even with the Force ROM Update that you won't be successful because of a hardware failure, either on the board or the server. Consult service personnel in that case.
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Re: SMIF reset failed.......... (Firmware upgrade RILOE II 1.11)

Many thanks for your advice. the firmware upgrade was succesfull after setting Switch 3 on the board. The board was set in disaster recovery and the new firmware was programmed.

Now the error message is gone, when the host server reboots. Andthe board is working as it should be working.

With kind regards,