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SNMP Trap: 9009

Alan Tan_2
Occasional Contributor

SNMP Trap: 9009

I have this error in my DL380G2 Proliant Server (with a RILOE),
A 'Remote Insight Board Mouse Disconnected' trap signifies that the Compaq Remote Insight Board mouse has been disconnected.
I have physically connected one mouse in this server but i still get this error. The funny thing is, when i restart the server, the mouse was not detected? Can it be a problem with RILOE or just simply something wrong with the PS2 port?

Appreciate any advise, thanks
barnett chan
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Re: SNMP Trap: 9009

Is this a RILOE or RILOE II?
If it is a RILOE, the DL380G2 does not have a 16 pin connector; use the external 'WYE'keybd/mouse cable.

If you remove the RILOE card and reboot the server (w/keybd/mouse attached to the server), is the mouse detected?