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SSL certificate request with FQDN

Tomas Kouba
Occasional Visitor

SSL certificate request with FQDN

Hello all,
I have a brand new DL380 G6 with iLO2 and I am trying to sign the SSL certificate of the server with our local CA certificate.
The problem is that the certificate request generated by the iLO contains DN with only the hostname and not the domain name (my server is called g6test and domain is monitor).
I always get this:
Subject: C=US, ST=Texas, L=Houston, O=Hewlett-Packard Development Company, OU=ISS, CN=g6test
but I need this:
Subject: C=US, ST=Texas, L=Houston, O=Hewlett-Packard Development Company, OU=ISS, CN=g6test.monitor
because otherwise the browser complains about difference between names.

The other option would be to upload both key and crt to the iLO, but I don't know if it is possible.

Thank you very much for any help.
Occasional Visitor

Re: SSL certificate request with FQDN

Look at the thread "No dots in iLO2 name"

My quick fix (quoted from that thread) was to turn off JavaScript.

"There's a simple workaround iff you're willing to use the web interface.

A very common mistake in Web programming is to rely exclusively on JavaScript for input sanity checking. One of the basic things we do when testing web site code is to see whether the errors trapped by JavaScript are trapped when the form is submitted regardless; good code on the server side will catch the same errors and will reject the submission, although it probably has to be handled differently.

Occasionally, we'll run across something really strange such as the CSR issue mentioned above. Since we use a local CA and root cert, we really like to be able to install a cert we issue. It was a pretty obvious thing to try turning off JavaScript, since it was a JS error popping up. Appears to work just fine if you do that. Turn it back on after you submit the form and leave the page."