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Re: Scripting ILO Inventory

Darrin Henshaw
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Scripting ILO Inventory


I've been tasked by my boss to inventory our ILO setup, which isn't totally organized. We've limited the IP for ilo to a range, so it's slightly limited, however, I need to match the IP's with the hostname of the OS running on the server. I started doing it manually by throwing the IP inter IE. However, that got old real quick. Particularly since we'll be making changes later on.

I then found CPQLOCFG.EXE, and started playing with it, I threw the GET_SERVER_NAME.xml at it with the right password specified in the xml file. However, I get an error, I threw a few others at it like GET_HOST_DATA.xml however, it doesn't return server name.

Here is the xml file I'm using, pw has been changed:

Here is the error I get:

CPQLOCFG.EXE: Response received from the RIB: (185):

MESSAGE='Syntax error: Line #3: syntax error near "" in the line: " GET_SERVER_NAME />"'

This is only part of the entire output. Any ideas? I've looked around but found no help. ILO firmware version 1.89, and ProLiant DL385 G1. Thanks.
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Re: Scripting ILO Inventory

Unfortunately, the get_server_name script you show is only supported by iLO 2, and not by iLO.
You can use cpqlocfg to identify the iLO generations, but for the iLO systems, you may have to resort to the manual process.

Are you using HP SIM? This can associate the management processors with the host system- this is one of the tasks that a SIM report would help.