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Scripting Smart Update Manager (SUM) on Linux

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Scripting Smart Update Manager (SUM) on Linux

I'm trying to use the 2012-Jan SUM disk and figure out how to script an automated update on a Linux host.  I've mounted the .iso remotely and shared it via NFS, which I believe is supported (if I've understood the User's Guide), but it doesn't matter what I do, there is no output whatsoever from running hpsum from the iso.  Am I supposed to install the SUM software locally first?  There's no X, so I understand I need to use the -silent switch, and I've made sure all of the prerequisite packages are installed as well.  But I'm not getting anything from the command - even hpsum -help is useless.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Scripting Smart Update Manager (SUM) on Linux

You can run hpsum either locally on each server you're updating, or run it from a central system against remote systems.

You will have /var/hp/log/ directory on the server you're running hpsum from.

You will also have /tmp/hpsum/... directory on the remote servers you're updating.

Check these two locations for relevant log files.