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Securing Lights Out 100i on DL185 G5

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Securing Lights Out 100i on DL185 G5


We've just started using DL185 G5s for their storage density but having an issue securing access to the iLO. Normally its a simple case of disabling HTTP & Telnet but neither the BIOS on the DL185 G5 or the iLO 100i appears to have an option to disable these protocols. There are procedures listed on the HP ProLiant Lights-Out 100 Remote Management User Guide for enabling / disabling these services on other servers although I quote:

"On HP ProLiant DL160 G5, ProLiant DL165 G5, and ProLiant DL185 G5 servers, HTTP and telnet are
enabled by default"

Is there any other way of disabling these services, like the iLO 2 command of "set /map1/config1 oemhp_telnetenable=no"

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Re: Securing Lights Out 100i on DL185 G5

Is there a firmware upgrade that address this issue in the near future or has it been implemented but I am just not aware?