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Sending iLO logs to syslog server

Jake Kremer
Occasional Advisor

Sending iLO logs to syslog server

Hi. Is it possible to send the iLO logs to a syslog server? For security purposes, I would like to be able to do this.  Also, what does the "login" option mean when using the lights out migration utility? It is unchecked by default and seems to have no detremental effect in this case. Thanks.



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Occasional Advisor

Re: Sending iLO logs to syslog server

I have the same question as you as I need to keep track of failed logins on our ILOs.   While I haven't been able to find anything, the closest automation I've been able to do is to set up the SNMP to point to our syslog service that can interpret SNMP as well so an alarm goes out when a 3rd failed login happens.  I'd still rather have the full logs collected, but this is all I can get for the time being.