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Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting and iLO4

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Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting and iLO4

In version, cmdlet Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting does not seem to apply certain parameters to iLO4.

Parameters that will not apply no matter what:

Parameters that do work:

PS D:\> $connection = Connect-HPEiLO -Server -Username admin -Password password -DisableCertificateAuthentication
PS D:\> $connection

IP                               :
Hostname                         :
ConnectionType                   : RIBCL
DisableCertificateAuthentication : True
iLOGeneration                    : iLO4
iLOFirmwareVersion               : 2.61
iLOResetWaitTimeout              : 0
IsConnected                      : True
ServerFamily                     : ProLiant
ServerGeneration                 : Gen8
ServerModel                      : BL460c
Timeout                          : 30
Username                         : admin
PS D:\> $DNSServerTypes = ,@("Primary","Secondary","Tertiary")
PS D:\> $DNSServers = ,@("", "", "")
PS D:\> Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting -connection $connection `
>> -InterfaceType Dedicated `
>> -RegisterDDNSServer Enabled `
>> -RegisterWINSServer Disabled `
>> -DNSServerType $DNSServerTypes `
>> -DNSServer $DNSServers -Verbose
VERBOSE: Performing the operation "Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting" on target "IP:".
VERBOSE: [Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting] Executing the cmdlets with 1 task serially.
VERBOSE: [Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting][]: Validating input parameter values.
VERBOSE: [Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting][]: Validating Cmdlet supportability.
VERBOSE: [Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting][]: Validating parameter supportability.
VERBOSE: [Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting][]: Validating for set of parameters to be given.
VERBOSE: [Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting][]: Creating web request.
VERBOSE: [Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting][]: Writting request stream.
VERBOSE: [Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting][]: Getting web response.
VERBOSE: [Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting][]: Processing RIBCL response.

It appears to execute but some parameters do not set at all.

What am I missing here?

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Re: Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting and iLO4


You have missed including -DHCPv4DNSServer and DHCPv4WINSServer which need to be disabled.

Otherwise by default DHCP enabled IP's will take DNS and WINS server settings from DHCP server.

$out = Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting -connection $con16 -InterfaceType Dedicated -RegisterDDNSServer Enabled -DNSServerType $DNSServerTypes -DNSServer $DNSServers -RegisterWINSServer Enabled -Verbose -DHCPv4DNSServer Disabled -WINSServerType $WINSTypes -WINSServer $WINSServers -DHCPv4WINSServer Disabled

Try this and let me know i hope it should work i tried it on iLO4.



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Re: Set-HPEiLOIPv4NetworkSetting and iLO4

Thank you, that worked. Holy cow was that frustrating!! I also needed to add -DHCPv4DomainName Disabled for the DomainName parameter to update.