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Re: Silent uninstall HP System Management Homepage

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Silent uninstall HP System Management Homepage


Any way to silently uninstall the SMH?

I have tried following without success.

setup.exe /s /f


msiexec.exe /qn /x {produtcode}

The setup needs a promt every time.

Any other ideas?


Re: Silent uninstall HP System Management Homepage

Uninstalling HP SMH on a Windows operating system:

Use the Programs and Features feature, and complete the following steps to remove HP SMH:

1. Select Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features.

2. Right click HP System Management Homepage.

3. Select Uninstall.

HP SMH is uninstalled.

Uninstalling HP SMH on a CLI-based Windows system:

To uninstall the HP SMH application on a CLI-based Windows system, complete the following steps.

1. Stop the HP SMH service.

2. Execute the uninstall.bat from the command prompt to uninstall the HP SMH application.

The uninstall.bat file is available at the location c:\hp\hpsmh\uninstall.bat.

NOTE: The uninstaller uninstall.bat batch file is shipped along with the HP SMH package.

or Use below command to uninstall HP SUM silently.

setup.exe /s /removeonly

For more information, please refer HPE SystemManagementHomepage7.6 Installation Guide HP-UX,Linux,and Windows Operating Systems

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Re: Silent uninstall HP System Management Homepage

Silent uninstalling the SMH does not work. I have tried several options.

If I run c:\hp\hpsmh\uninstall.bat >> a user interaction is needed.

If I try to uninstall directley via msiexec.exe .. >> same problem

setup.exe /s /removeonly >> doesnt work as well 


That's really painful.