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Slow ILO video performance

Tony Glynn
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Slow ILO video performance

Does anyone know why some ILOs virtual consoles start to run slowly - Its happening even when the system boots with the screen seemingly filling character by character. It often noticable when you use the F7 ILO config as well with the ilo trying to refresh the screen character by character.
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Re: Slow ILO video performance

First, check that you are running a recent vintage of iLO firmware.

Second, check the host ROM RBSU settings. Some systems contain a feature called "BIOS Serial Console & EMS". These features allow you to redirect system text output to a serial port. If they are enabled and there is no terminal DTE connected to the serial port, then you may experience text performance degradation.

Third, if you are running Windows, try the HP LOM optimization utility or HP online configuration utility for iLO: HPONCFG. Both of these can adjust system parameters so that iLO performance is best.

Finally, check that your client CPU utilization is not pegged.