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Suggested upgrade path for old iLO2s

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Suggested upgrade path for old iLO2s



I have recently acquired a few G6s which have iLO2 at different (but old) versions. For example one of these:


Current Firmware:      2.00   06/21/2010


I would like to upgrade them, but as I understand this has to be done incrementally.

I have found the .scexe firmware upgrades at this location:


However there is no readme in each of these directories, any help in going through the humongous KB articles to find instructions about each of the upgrades needed?


Also, am I generally going to use a better product by upgrading iLO2 or there are known issues with latest versions?


Also on a separate but related topic: is it advised to upgrade the other ROMs in any specific order e.g. BIOS, P410 controller etc? I'd rather not upgrade them at all for now and focus on iLO2 only.