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The Certificated could be imported.....

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The Certificated could be imported.....

when i try to import a certificate from my CA to iLO host, the system show this message:

The Certificated could be imported from the supplied X.509 Certificate data.

The Common name on the certificate does not match the DNS name of iLO. Make sure that the X.509 Certificated data was intended for this iLO
Ed Cox
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Re: The Certificated could be imported.....

When you log in to your iLO what are you using for the URL? Is it the IP address or the actual DNS name? If it's the IP address try using the DNS name of the iLO instead.

However if you are using the DNS name...

In the past couple of months I have had some success with using the fully qualified domain name for the iLO. So try adding the "" to the end of the DNS name when submitting the URL. Try reimporting the cert again...
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