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Re: Uninstall iLo Advanced License

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Alexander Chernov
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Uninstall iLo Advanced License

I installed iLO Advanced License but now I want to move this to another iLO.
Is it possible to uninstall iLO Advanced License from old iLO?
Thank you in advance.
Rajeshwari, Hiresave
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Re: Uninstall iLo Advanced License

It is possible to de-activate the iLO Advanced License using "DEACTIVATE" RIBCL command to iLO.

Utilities like CPQLOCFG and HPONCFG can be used to send XML scripts containing the above RIBCL command to iLO.

I have attached a sample XML script that you can use to do the same.

If you need information on CPLOCFG or HPONCFG utilities, refer to iLO scripting and command line resource guide.
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Re: Uninstall iLo Advanced License

It is against the terms of the iLO Advanced License End User License Agreement to transfer the license key to another machine. See the EULA link below or with the license key packaging.
Robert Catalus
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Re: Uninstall iLo Advanced License

I think what they are saying in there is transfer to another party ie. company to prevent reselling the license
It is not to prevent use on a different server within the same company hence why allow you to deactivate it. Obviously you should only use it on one machine at a time.

It does say in the script manual you will get an error if you try to use a licenses already activated.

Some one from HP may correct if I am wrong but that as I read it
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Re: Uninstall iLo Advanced License

a bit of a very late reply but to help future visitors:

CPQLOCFG.EXE has been replaced by hpqlocfg.exe which you can install from