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Update ILO (1) on DL380 G4

Bram Van den Bosch
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Update ILO (1) on DL380 G4

I have a DL380 G4 wich is running ILO (1) 1.82, i think 1.94 is the most recent version and i would like to update to this version.

I have never updated ILO 1 before, do you update this the same way is ILO 2? (browse tot the ILO IP and select a .bin file and click the update button)

Where can I download the latest release?
It seems it is not on the following page:

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Update ILO (1) on DL380 G4


You have a couple of options, offline or online depending upon the OS you're using.

Start here:〈=en&cc=us&taskId=135&prodSeriesId=397634&prodTypeId=15351

then choose the OS and then Firmware Lights-Out, you'll see the iLO firmware packages there, but I would just download the DVD/CD update image and burn the DVD/CD for your OS.
Use it to update the iLO and any other system component that may rely on iLO communications.

Read the release notes for the method you choose as there may be specific requirements prior to upgrading the iLO.




Re: Update ILO (1) on DL380 G4

Hi Bram,

It is pretty much similar to ILO 2 firmware update... so you can use the same method to update the firmware

other option is to do it from Firmware - DVD
Version: 9.10 (C) (25 Aug 2010) (792 MB)


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Bram Van den Bosch
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Re: Update ILO (1) on DL380 G4

Ok thank you, i have found the software and upgraded it successfully.