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View iLO config

Paul Houghton
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View iLO config


I need to find a way to display the iLO config of servers remotely. I've looked at cpqlocfg but as far as i can see you can only set config not display it.

pratap m keshava
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Re: View iLO config

What is the information you want? you have scripts to get global_settings, network_settings, server_information etc. You can see the sample XML scripts available in the following link iLO->softwares and drivers. You can also obtain the scripting guide from support and documents link.
Paul Houghton
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Re: View iLO config

I need info such as iLO name, IP, version.

I know how to obtain these using hponcfg from the server, but i want to be able to do this remotely via some form of script, and then view the info in a text file.

is there a way to do this remotely?

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Re: View iLO config

Try downloading the sample XML scripts from the following link incase if you don't have
it already.
SAMPLE XML scripts

You can also write a perl script using these RIBCL commands.
Please also refer to "iLO_perl_xml.pdf" in the downloaded samples which gives info on how to write a perl script using the RIBCL commmands.

1.Getting iLO name (iLO DNS name)
Please use the "GET_NETWORK_SETTINGS" XML command.
Ex : cplqocfg -s -f Get_Network.xml

2.Getting iLO firmware version
XML command is "GET_FW_VERSION".
Ex : cplqocfg -s -f Get_FW_Version.xml

Please also try using the following CPQLOCFG options
This option will check for correct XML
2.-l logfilename
This option will log the XML response
output to a specified log file.
David Claypool
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Re: View iLO config

You also could run an HP SIM report...