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WIERD - sysprep won't complete unless I give iLO activity?


WIERD - sysprep won't complete unless I give iLO activity?


I'm working on a deployment system using MDT 2008 Update 1. I use iLO on my test target machines that I use to create images from, and test deploy to. At first I thought it was a coincidence, by now I know its not.

the MDT LTI scripts manage the overall process but I believe this may be specific to sysprep. Sysprep runs, and runs, and after enough time has passed that I *know* it should be done, I go check on it, via my already open iLO console (the java/browser based one, not 'integrated remote console') and as soon as I get my mouse pointer in there sysprep completes, and the LTI process continues!

what the?

believe me, I have done it after about 40 minutes, which is not a real long time for syspep, I know... I have also done it after 1 hr, 2 hrs, and get this, 2 days! I mean I leave sysprep running for those times, then go move give the iLO console activity by moving my mouse and sysprep finishes.

1. anyone else seen this? is it a know issues?

2. is it just sysprep? could this happen for other programs/processes?

3. should I be concerned about the integrity of my images now? now that I know sysprep was just.. well I don't know what it was doing during this time for sure, but I assume it was just sitting there doing nothing.. the process does continue and complete after I give iLO the mouse movement.

This is the first time I have trusted using anything that is not a real keyboard/mouse etc physcally at the computer.. I thought the technology was mature enough now... Now I'm concerned.

to be clear, its not just a screen refresh thing. If it were, the screen I see after giving iLO activity would reflect a later point in time of the deployment process. It does not do this. It picks right up and you see the steps you should see right after sysprep completes, in sequence, nothing missing.