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Whats the default with iLo ?

Christoph Weber-Fahr
Occasional Contributor

Whats the default with iLo ?


I've got three new servers here, and just hooked their iLos up to the net. Usually I get them preconfigured, but those are basically out of the box. (yes, they have power and a link at the switch)

Now I expected them to show up on my DHCP logs, so I can access and configure them - but there's nothing.

What's the default setting for iLos?

Also, 2 of them are 320G5p's with a dedicated iLo port - is that a problem?

Any idea how to proceed? There's no screen or keyboard around where they hang now....
barnett chan
Trusted Contributor

Re: Whats the default with iLo ?

The iLOs should be on DHCP by default. You may try the hpqlomig.exe utility (Lights-out Migration Utility) and search your subnet for iLOs. The problem, you need to have the iLO user name and password.

Download the "HP Directories Support for Management Processors"

You may need to hook up a monitor and keybd and get in the iLO RBSU.
Christoph Weber-Fahr
Occasional Contributor

Re: Whats the default with iLo ?


Actaully, it turned out I I had 2 completely unrelated problems.

You are right - they all default to DHCP. OPn tzhe DL380, a damaged cable, however, prevented connectivity.

On the DL320G5p though, the default iLo configuration was to used the NIC 2 as shared interface. They both had to be reconfigured through setup to use the dedicated iLo port (which is optional in these models)