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Where to active the ilo on proliant server


Where to active the ilo on proliant server

Dear There,
About few months back, I active the ild remote management on one of proliant server with trial license key, that license key expired now.

I purchased license and try to active the ILO license from HP System Management Homepage-->Management Processor--->Integrated Light-out (on the left pannel), by right, if launch this one, it will reach the ilo page ask for the active key, however, now it is nothing, and showing ip in the address bar and told page could not found.
I confirm the ILO was connect to the network which has dhcp enabled. And the old ilo key expire, how can I reactive it?
And on another production server (DL G4 360), I could not launch the HP System Management Homepage, It showing page could not be found, any safe solution I can reinstall the HP manamgement tools since this is 24 hours production server

Thanks and best regards
Rajashekar Chintakunta
Honored Contributor

Re: Where to active the ilo on proliant server

Hi Shermaine,

1. If you are able to login to ILO using its IP address, then you need to goto Administration -> Licensing and type the license and Activate it.

2. If not able to login to ILO, I would suggest you to use the CPQLOCFG utility to add the license to the ILO. Download the following utility and check the sample script on how to use it.

HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility

HP Lights-Out XML Scripting Sample for Windows

If the Administrator password is lost, then use the following utility locally on the server to reset the password.

HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Windows 2000/Windows Server 2003


Re: Where to active the ilo on proliant server

Hi, Raj,
Thank you very much for the information prodvide.

I sucessfully actived the license and setup the reomote console on another proliant server from HP homepage management.

I will try those utility for other configuration!

Again, thanks for the information!

Have a nice day!