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accessing ilo\ilo2 over the internet

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Tom Green_1
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accessing ilo\ilo2 over the internet

I was interested in accessing ilo from over the internet, what ports would need to be opened on our firewall. We experimented before, where I could login but once in not all the objects would show up and an error would come up. I am also wondering what changes in IE6 would I have to make?
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Re: accessing ilo\ilo2 over the internet


the only you need to access your ilo all over the world is a public IP (maybe you already know that).

first for test purposes create local network (private IPs) and connect Server and some computers open browser IE 6.0 and log in to your ilo web browser.

Which errors you got?
remember that you're browser must use java 1.4.2 -> J2SE v 1.4.2_16 JRE


Port Description
22 Secure Shell (SSH)
23 Remote Console / telnet
80 Web Server Non-SSL (HTTP)
443 Web Server SSL (HTTPS)
3389 Terminal Services
17988 Virtual Media
9300 Shared Remote Console
17990 Console Replay
3002 Raw Serial Data

For IRC, you will need 23, 443
and optionally 17988, 9300, 17"

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David Claypool
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Re: accessing ilo\ilo2 over the internet

It would NOT be a good idea to both open up the ports required and make iLO accessible to the internet. Best practice would be to use a VPN to become part of the network inside the firewall and then access.
Jimmy Vance
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Re: accessing ilo\ilo2 over the internet

As David mentioned, it's not a good idea to expose iLO outside your firewall. If your firewall is running Linux you have other options besides opening the ports or creating a VPN. You can tunnel the ports over an SSH session. The below listed line provides the majority of iLO functions. Add additional ports listed by Karlo as needed.

(the listed string is one continuous line)

ssh -L 22::22 -L 80::80 -L 3389::3389 -L 443::443 -L 17988::17988 -L 17990::17990 -L 23::23 username@firewall.system

Launch your browser and enter https://localhost

You will be presented with your iLO login screen.

The SSH tunnel redirects localhost (your client) to the iLO IP address over the tunnel.

If your client is Windows based you can either load the Cygwin ssh client or use Putty.

The only function I haven't been able to make work over the tunnel is updating the iLO firmware. Mainly because I haven't spent any time to figure out what port is used.

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Tom Green_1
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Re: accessing ilo\ilo2 over the internet

thx for the comments, closing thread