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configuring ILO 2 to send alerts

Larry Harder_1
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configuring ILO 2 to send alerts

We are using SCOM 2007 to monitor our servers. We have a server in a dmz running ISA 2006 firewall. Because it is against best firwall practice to open up ports between localhost and the intenal enterprise network I cannot put a SCOM agent on the server. We do however, have a ILO 2 configured that i have direct access to. Can i configure the ilo to send snmp traps to SCOM 2007. Will ILO send out alerts for blown power supply, bad fan, bad disk drive, thermal events etc. Has anyone done this before.

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Re: configuring ILO 2 to send alerts

Hi Larry,

iLO doesn't have an SNMP stack but it can forward SNMP alerts. What we do is configure SNMP in the OS to alert to 'localhost' and configure iLO to 'forward SNMP alerts' to our CMS (we don't use SCOM but the same principle should apply). Anything that the OS alerts for will make it to SCOM if your network allows it to.


Regarding whether iLO will report on blown power supplies etc - I'm not 100% sure about that, but assuming that's not something the OS would detect (and therefore send SNMP alerts for) I'm guessing you might need the HP Mgmt Agents installed (PsP) and iLO configured to fwd mgmt agent alerts, but while that will work fine with HP SIM, I've no idea how it would interact with SCOM..