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connecting to ILo 4 using DNS name ? / IRS

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connecting to ILo 4 using DNS name ? / IRS

I have few hp dl380 gen9 server whose ILo firmware are older than the rest in my environment

12 servers that are older with firmware level older than 2014

and 16 newer ones around 2015 

all of the servers are in production and I can never shut them down

I need to assign an IP to all ILos, and here is the problem the newer ones immediatly got an IP from a dhcp server (a win16 server VM in my laptop) the older ones didn't get an addresses leased to them, and I have to give them an address in order to connect them to IRS.

TLDR  how to assign an ip address to ILo 4 that is configured as dhcp while it t=refuses to get an address from dhcp, using ILo DNS name ? are there additional configuration in my dhcp server knowing I successfully provided other gen 9 server with same dhcp server


Re: connecting to ILo 4 using DNS name ? / IRS

Hello Eslam_BenIssa,

Thank you for sharing your query.

You can install HP Lights-Out Configuration Utility on your server’s OS to configure ILO.

For Windows:-

For Linux:-

You always refer to :- and for more insight into ILO configuration and setup (including DHCP and Static IP address)

You need to download ILO interface driver from HPE website also using :-





I am an HPE employee

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Re: connecting to ILo 4 using DNS name ? / IRS

@Pra_Sah Thanks alot