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cpqlocfg.exe and DELETE_SSH_KEY

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Michael Usner
Occasional Contributor

cpqlocfg.exe and DELETE_SSH_KEY

The CPQLOCFG documentation refers to the ability to delete a user's SSH keys from iLO via the DELETE_SSH_KEY command. Unfortunately, I get a syntax error on every variation of this command that I attempt. Also, the documentation has what appear to be misprints; the command DEL_USERS_SSH_KEY appears in the XML rather than the expected DELETE_SSH_KEY (I've tried both):

The DELETE_SSH_KEY command deletes any SSH keys that are associated with the USER_LOGIN
from iLO 2. The DELETE_SSH_KEY command is implemented as a subcommand and must appear
within a MOD_USER command block.
This command requires CPQLOCFG.EXE version 2.27 or later.

Can anybody help with this command? I need to delete SSH keys on many iLOs in batch.

Michael Usner
Occasional Contributor

Re: cpqlocfg.exe and DELETE_SSH_KEY

Forgot to mention that I'm using cpqlocfg 3.10 on iLO2 2.05.
Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: cpqlocfg.exe and DELETE_SSH_KEY

This command was just added to iLO2 version 2.06 which was just released today.

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Michael Usner
Occasional Contributor

Re: cpqlocfg.exe and DELETE_SSH_KEY

Thanks Oscar, it worked well.

My one suggestion would be to correct the documentation.

Thank you!