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forward snmp trap between iLO

Josef Bezchleba
Occasional Contributor

forward snmp trap between iLO

i would like to ask, if there is possiblity to forward snmp traps between iLO2 interfaces?

For example, i have two HP servers, each of them have dedicated iLO2 interface and i would like to use this dedicated ilo lan for send all snmp traps generated by snmp agents from first server to second server, where is running HP SIM. Can i forward snmp trap from first iLO2 interface to second iLO2 interface? Or i have to forward snmp trap from first iLO2 interface to standard nic on second HP SIM server?

Thanks for reply
kris rombauts
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Re: forward snmp trap between iLO


the SNMP traps send by the iLO card itself (if enabled) are different from the SNMP traps send by the Insight Agents at the OS level. Some events will generate both a trap from the iLO and from an management agent, so you'll see those double, other events then are only send by the agents or only send by the iLO.

Imagine when there is no OS yet, at that time you don't have any management agents running yet, so then you can only get traps from the iLO card (if enabled) for certain events that happen i.e.pwoer off, power on, reset etc etc.

So the SNMP traps send by the iLO card are only send on the LAN segment where the iLO is connected to (can be a isolated management LAN i.e.) and the SNMP traps send by the management agents are only send on the LAN segment where the server LAN card(s) are connected to i.e. your public LAN.
Both iLO and server LAN ports can reside on the same LAN also of course.

The SNMP management agents cannot send traps out via the iLO LAN. The iLO card is a separate computer inside the server so to speak and there is no way the OS can use that iLO lan as a outgoing network card to send packets from the OS.

So what you have to do is to configure the SNMP trap destination on both servers iLO cards and in both servers management agents and provide it the IP address of your HP SIM server, what ever server that is i.e. can be one of those two servers or even a third server on your network.

So there is no such thing as forwarding SNMP traps from one iLO card to another iLO card, they are only outgoing ports. They can be queried by HP SIM i.e. but not used as trap forwarders or alike features.

Hope this clarifies

Martin Smoral
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Re: forward snmp trap between iLO

You can passthrough SNMP Traps from the OS to the ILO2 if it is enabled. Of course these Traps will only passthrough if the OS is running on the Server. see the following

In the document Integrated Lights-Out Security (
796/c00212796.pdf?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN) it states on page 27 following "..For best protection of the servers operating inside the DMZ, administrators should set the SNMP trap destinations to the loop back address and enable the SNMP Pass-through in iLO so that SNMP traps are routed onto the iLO network instead of over the management network. While this SNMP pass-through option does not enable all management functions, it allows for passing status, inventory, and fault information to HP Systems Insight Manager or another SNMP-capable management application..."